The Artist within

Art is part of the essence of who I am. Like many artists I started creating early in my life. As a constant some form of expression has always been at my fingertips. I now create large oil paintings while also moving forward my Peace Is Abundant project. This project is a teacher, mentor and friend all wrapped in one. It's allowed a platform to express quickly and be prolific with reason. I am an intuitive person, which to me means I am able to see connections in everything, sometimes this ability makes me appear smart or wise because I can see what others cannot. I've found I'm creating Peace Is Abundant in 50 increment blocks. Then in between I am creating vastly different art to Peace Is Abundant. This past fall I see a change in me, a harkening back to a style or expression I worked with in the mid 1990's. Some of us are slow learners! If that's you too my friend, huzzah to us both, if we pick up where we left off. Leaving the pastin the past and allowing the future to be the future.


Who has influenced my art?

Two major influences for me are Miro and Chagall. I feel as though I know Miro, as thought I can tap into what he would do with the canvas. Although my work is different you can see an essence of his style within much of my work. My feeling about Chagall differs. I feel as though I am peeping at his work through my mind's eye and learning about color, layering and relationship. I am grateful for these two influences. Artists today are told not to have more than one style and  only to show their best work. While I don't think this can harm an artist, I don't think it is very much fun. I am changing this tide within myself. In Peace is Abundant I have omit nothing, I've honored each piece as having merit and purpose. I have sought the deepest parts of myself in a journey to find my wholeness and I am ready to share who I am with you.


When I was very young I drew "funny guys" all over the walls of my childhood home. In an effort to bring that child to life once again I create this painting below called "Wild Child" It was a very well received piece and right after its creation it sold happily to a couple who could see the eyes of their spunky grandchild within the eyes of the child I'd painted. Fondly, they hang the image in their bedroom vs. the living room where they had planned on putting it. When I asked them why, they said, "Who wouldn't want to wake up every morning to that happy child?"