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Teaching Trust to those who need it.

Managers to Employees & Parents to Children.

As it says above, I teach people to trust themselves. When we are treated a certain way our best is drawn out. If you have a difficult to understand child or you are a manager who wants to know how to gain the highest level of productivity from those who report to you, I can teach you.


Managers to Employees

Where communication dynamically supports productivity.


Parents & Children who thrive together.

If you have a challenging to understand child and are ready to understand them read on…..

see this as the most important piece to being a successful human. If we trust ourselves we will trust others too.

I teach and speak about parenting kids who are difficult to understand. These kids are not challenging to parent, they are difficult to understand. They may fall into some or a mix of several of these attributes. They may be, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Gifted/Talented, exhibit control imbalance such as anorexia/bulimia, HSP (highly sensitive person), Aspergers, Autism, all of which they are fairly high functioning within. They may possess one very strong interest in something or have no interests at all. They tend to want to spend time alone or be highly introverted. They may have been one way and a switch flipped and they became a very different child. They may have taken medication for depression or anxiety with no relief or support from the meds. They may also be highly or mildly intuitive (sensing), they may be having experiences they can’t explain and as they look to you for answers you need help to understand how to help them.

If you have a child like this, you are not alone. I assure you there are ways to understand and draw them out. There is a really good part to who your child is and what motivates them. I can help you find this and understand how to parent this child so they rise to their highest level.

If you are a well meaning parent who is frustrated at the process to understand and parent this unique child because all you want for them to do is be happy and succeed? I can tell you this is the right place for you.

To learn how this works is an art form. It takes time and support to achieve this. However, I can with confidence share if you do the work you will have a lifelong relationship with this child at a depth you will adore. You also will see your child to their highest extent in the expression of who they indeed are, which is kind of the goal of the well meaning parent.

Sign up for the clarity session to see if you’re a match for what I offer. I’ll read what you share, then send you suggestions. If I have more questions I will ask to set up a 30 minute free clarity session. From there I will share resources I feel can support you, some of these, if appropriate may be things I offer but only if they truly are a match. I’ve been you as a parent and I am that difficult to understand child. I’ve seen it from both sides and can help you do the same. The really good news is if you learn these simple techniques and way of thinking your parenting will become quite easy, even with your other children.

To see if I can help please fill out my clarity form.

Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant on Unsplash Trust .  Liane Metzler on Unsplash Parent & Child